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L.A. Foster is a pop artist out of Canada and last week the Montreal, Quebec native released her new single ‘Honestly’, a song essentially used as a platform for the artists to explore ” fighting for our purest honest self”, explains L.A. Foster.

Speaking to Eat This Music about the single, L.A. Foster explains how ‘Honestly’ is a song about “being real with yourself,” while exploring real “talk through the hurt and pain to get you back on your feet again.”

Going into the creation of the single, L.A. Foster explain show the single was originally “a poem” she “wrote that transformed into a song” she “wrote on the bass” and then her creative partner “Stephen Ramsay (young Galaxy) and I collaborated on the final arrangement / production.”

“There are actually sound recordings from Uruguay when I was there two years ago in the second verse to the final chorus which is really cool for me to have in my music.”

Speaking on why L.A. Foster wanted to release Honestly, L.A. explains how she has “so much music” she has not “released so” it was “time to let” the song go.


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