Thomas Keating explores self-care during times of stress and uncertainty in his new single ‘Today I’m Staying Home’

Thomas Keating is an artist out of New South Wales and recently the Sydney-based musician release his brand new single ‘Today I’m Staying Home’, a song about taking self-care of yourself “during times of stress and uncertainty.”

Going into detail about the single, Thomas explains how he has always “struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety around the uncertainties and pressures of everyday life,” during his own life and how at the time he wrote ‘Today I An Staying Home” he “was going through such a phase.”

“I think it’s important to remember that at times it’s okay just to feel like shit – it’s okay to put your hand up and say ‘I’m not dealing with this very well. I need help’.”

Exploring the mentally and personal pressure a person faces in their own life, Thomas explains how “mental health is extremely self-alienating” and he would “like to think that we are moving past the stigma of shame that has hung around such ailments for far too long.”

To coincide with the release of the new single, Thomas has released an incredible music video to support the notion of mental health, as creating the music video took a toll on Thomas as well.

Thomas explains how he had “always struggled with being comfortable shooting typical music videos, you know, pretending to sing into the camera as the song plays, for example.”

Touching on the creative aspect of the music video, Thomas adds, “So we just decided to bring the cameras and lighting into the recording sessions, and my friend Kieran Gilfeather shot and directed it for us over a couple of days,” which essentially saw Kieran following the band and “Thomas around the studio” as they “put the song together,” creating somewhat of a behind the scenes video.

To celebrate the release of his latest release of music, Thomas is currently out on the road with a couple of more stops in New South Wales and Victoria.

Tour dates

Wednesday January 30 | Narrabeen RSL | Narrabeen, NSW*
Thursday January 31 | Honeysuckle Hotel | Newcastle, NSW*
Friday February 1 | Miranda Hotel | Miranda, NSW*
Saturday February 2 | Waves | Wollongong, NSW*
Friday February 8 | The Newsagency | Sydney, NSW
Saturday February 9 | Red Betty | Melbourne, VIC
* with Pete Murray

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