JoJo Worthington explores mutual support among the sexes in her new single ‘Stabilize’

JoJo Worthington is a singer-songwriter out of Canada and today the Waterloo native released her brand new single ‘Stabilize’, a song that explores mutual support among the sexes, while also touching on the theme of mental health.

Going into detail about the single, JoJo explains how this “is a song that asks for community and support in order to help those around us who are affected by mental illness.”

“In another parallel, it also pleads for mutual support among the sexes…to come together and “Stabilize” the world around us.”

To coincide with the release of the single, JoJo has released a music video; which each scene “in the video is full of chaotic and beautiful colours – representing characteristics of mental illness”, explains JoJo, it also explores the notion of how you can prove to be difficult and inconvenient to deal with,” but those are things you should not “be ashamed of”.

“Those of us who do not know these struggles should always be ready to extend an open hand of understanding to those in need.”

This is a very complex song with a lot of underlying features, colours, tones, stories and some great vocals to boot.


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