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Having already given fans a taste of what’s to come off Washington‘s forthcoming new studio album with the release of ‘Claws‘, Megan washington has kicked off 2019 with the second taste with ‘American Spirit’, a song which is used as a platform for Washington to explore the dark, haunting side of the Hollywood lifestyle.

Taking inspiration from America itself, Stormy Daniels and Peg Entwistle, Washing has put together this ode to the Hollywood lifestyle and aspirations of making it “big” with a nearly three minute piano-centric offering of slow burning storytelling and glorious Washington vocals.

Going into detail about ‘American Spirit’, Washington explains how she conjured up the idea after having seen the recent United States election.

“I thought of America as a character, almost a willing victim, doing anything for fame, Running towards the burning building.”

“The image of Peg Entwistle, the actress who died when she jumped from the ‘H’ in the Hollywood sign was on my mind,” Washington continues.

The recent controversy between United States President Donald Trump and actress Stormy Daniels played a part in the creation of the single as “the dark side of the American dream,” Washington puts it.

“There’s something magnetic, sinister and glamorous about these scenes I wanted to capture,” says Washington of the single.”

2019 looks to be a big year for one of Australia’s most loved artists as more music will be released closer to the new album.

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