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2018 was a successful year for electronic pop artist Elohim, with the release of her debut self-titled album gaining widespread praise online and via radio, Elohim took the music world by storm with hits ‘Fuck Your Money‘, ‘Panic Attacks‘, ‘Sleepy Eyes‘, ‘The Wave‘ and many others.

2019 is looking to be just as strong for Elohim with the release of her post-album single ‘Connect‘ and follow up ‘Buckets’, working hand in hand to move Elohim into the next phase of her musical journey and to essentially end her partnership with Skrillex.

Going into detail about the concept of Buckets and moving into this new journey for herself, the Los Angeles-based artist explains how “2019 will be a year of unmasking, unveiling, and facing fears head on.”

“Buckets is the beginning. It is also the final installment of my collaborations with Skrillex. This piece is an emotional purge, a side of me I’ve never shared before. I am now ready… Are you?””

This is different to the type of music Elohim has released in the past, going from a somewhat happy electro-pop atmosphere to a more dark, distorted and heavy atmosphere of beats, which showcases Elohim’s impeccable range as an artist.

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