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CLYPSO is an electronic pop artist out of Sydney and recently she released her debut EP ‘Cameo‘, a six-track record used as a platform for CLYPSO to discover herself as an artist as she genre-hops her way around 17 minutes of varied vibes.

Speaking on the creation of ‘Cameo’, CLYPSO explains how she spent “many twilight hours producing and writing Cameo,” her debut EP.

“It was important for me to include a variety of styles and themes as I slowly carve out the CLYPSO sound, because for me it’s been a process of discovery.”

CLYPSO adds how listening to music as a youth played into the style she aspired to create, “I’ve realised how much of what I listened to as a kid has become so ingrained in my DNA that it seeps through into the music,” CLYPSO continues with how it “still blows my mind!”

“Lyrically it’s personal but I’m sure really universal. I’m excited that the EP gives a little taste of the energy of what a CLYPSO show is like; I’m always thinking of my live show when I produce, they go hand in hand.”

Giving fans a taste of the EP with the releases of ‘Pop Roll Flow’ and ‘Middle Ground’ in 2018, CLYPSO showcased not only her create collaborative style, but also her strong production and songwriting ability to.

On an album that only features six songs – five, if you can even call ‘Enter’ a song – with ‘Bounty‘ being the standout.


FRI 11TH JAN – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
FRI 1ST FEB – Workers Club, Melbourne
FRI 8TH FEB – Waywards, Sydney

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