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Jerry Williams is a singer/songwriter out of the UK and as the Portsmouth-native gears about the release of her debut album in September, in the meantime Jerry has given fans a taste of the album with ‘David At The Bar‘, a song which is used as a platform for Jerry to reminisce about a time she met a man named David at a bar, explains Jerry.

Going into detail about the inspiration of David At The Bar, Jerry explains how the single “is one of the most honest songs” Jerry has “ever written, each line is so true as to what happened this night when I just got speaking to this man at a bar.”

“I just got talking to him about life and dreams and I went on to say that I’m a singer and I write songs and I’m giving this a good go… He went on to say that he’s an alcoholic, he’s got a baby on the way, he’s really scared about it and he feels like he’s ruined his life.”

“I just felt this weird, bizarre connection to this man, “Jerry continues, “He said “If you write a song about me I promise I’ll give up drink” and I said “You should give up drink anyway, but I will.”

The next day Jerry worked on the single and it is essentially how Jerry wanted it to come out.

“I haven’t found him to tell him but I would love to find him. His name is David and I literally just met him at a bar, and that’s what this song is about,” Jerry concludes.

Simple, sharp, and down to earth, Jerry’s David At The Bar is an easy single to consume with a straight forward message – the single not trying to be anything other than a song with no hidden messages whatsoever.


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