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Beth Macari is a pop artist and singer/songwriter out of the UK – hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne – and today sees the release of her second single “BOY“, a song essentially about exploring her own ‘forever person’, aka the one person you could spend with forever.

The last time I wrote about Beth Macari was back in April when Beth released her debut single “Clone. Since the release of Clone, the London native “writing and lots of it,” explains Beth. “Also festival season was so much fun, I got to go on the road with my lush band which is my genuinely my favourite thing to do.”

While BOY might simply be a love song, it is actually about Beth’s own “man (my man hehe).” Beth explained to Eat This Music how she struggles “to write happy songs” and how “‘CLONE’ was quite fierce and some might say a bitchy song lyrically,” but BOY is a little but different as the “lyrics are about realising the person you’re with may well be your forever person” and ow it is “about all the fun and excitement of a new relationship where you don’t want the night to end” and then “how that develops into something bigger.”

“Its quite an indulgent song for me, I literally wrote about some of the things I love in our relationship eg. ‘Drinking whiskey watching stars until light’.”

Having originally developed BOY “over year ago now,” Beth explained to Eat This Music about how the single is “one of those songs that has been through a journey,” including “two other versions of” the single before Beth “got to where its at now.”

Coming to the release of BOY, Beth adds how she “wanted to release BOY eight months ago” when she got to “this version of it and loved it.”

The rest of 2018 and early 2019 looks to be a busy time for Beth as “there are a few things floating around at Beth Macari camp at the minute,” specifically a brand new single coming on the way as there “is one particular song” that Beth loves, “its all about female empowerment… so definitely expect to hear of that soon.”

“I promise you I plan on keep releasing new music.”

Beth Macari’s “BOY” is now out worldwide via digital streaming platforms.

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