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Be Forest are a post-punk and shoegaze trio out of Italy and this past week Costanza, Nicola and Erica released the first taste of what’s to come off their new album ”Knocturne‘ with ‘Bengala‘, a song that essentially is a mellow offering of slow building vibes and euphoric atmosphere of shoegaze goodness.

I still have no idea what the single was building to the whole time but as it got the end, I believe the single came to a satisfying climax as the vibes slowly fade away – I just wanted to continue listening until I knew what the story was about.

Exploring themes of uncertainty, airy and inverted vibes, cinematic duality of doppelgangers, film-style scores inspired by Kafka-esque stories, and suspense throughout, Be Forest’s Knockturne features eight other tracks that explore many of those subjects detailed above and a whole lot more.

Be Forest’s Knocturne is due out February 8th via We Were Never Being Boring.

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