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Summer Heart is the moniker of Las Vegas-based producer David Alexander and recently the pop artist released his new single ‘Touch‘, a song essentially about “feeling different” in modern society.

Speaking on the story of Touch, David explains how the story of Touch, deep down, is about “how we all more or less are trying to play along” to the game of life and not “knowing exactly how to or what is actually expected of” us.

“Doing music can definitely make you feel like an outsider from time to time, so I guess that’s where this idea is coming from in the first place.”

Summer Heart has chosen music to release his feelings, emotions and ideologies, with ‘Touch’ being just another platform for Summer Heart to showcase his great range of pop anthems. Having previously released ‘Ace of Pentacles‘ and whole host of other tracks as part of his 12 Songs of Summer project, Summer Heart continues to make these delightful jams that are easy to consume and not too heavy on the vibes.


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