Jenna Lotti explores the dark force of anxiety that dominated her life in her new single ‘Nervous’

Nervous‘ is the new single from United States-based Pop artist Jenna Lotti. Hailing all the way from Los Angeles, Jenna Lotti used Nervous as a platform for her to explore the dark forces of anxiety she has experienced within her own life.

Speaking on the story of Nervous, Jenna explains how anxiety has dominated” “life since” since she “was 10 years old.”

“I’ve always used writing as an outlet because exposing my inner demons is cathartic for me and I hope for someone else who might listen and be suffering from the same thing.”

Coming off the release of her dream-esque pop anthem ‘Better in the Morning‘ a couple of months ago, Jenna Lotti has returned with a single that not only showcases her great story driven lyrics – that also touch on a subject close to the heart of many people around the world, but also her strong ability to use simplistic instruments mixed with a soothing atmosphere.

While the key aspect of the single is anxiety, if you look pass that, the single is a great platform for Jenna to not only explore the theme of anxiety, but also a great release to tell her story and also, hopefully, inspire others to speak out – even if it isn’t through a song – in their own way.

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