Gillian Hills explores her first love at the age of sixteen in her new single ‘Bluedress’

Gillian Hills is an English pop artist and recently Gillian released the second taste of what’s to come off her forthcoming album with the release of ‘Bluedress‘, a song essentially about exploring her first love at the age of sixteen-years-old.

Going into detail about the story of Bluedress, Gillian explains how her first love was “with an amazing, charismatic French boy” and how the single also explores the romantic relationship they both shared before he “flew away” and the feeling of that first love lasting a lifetime.

Having come off the release of her first single ‘Nefer-titi‘ four months ago, Gillian has returned with a single that explores this slow-building world of emotion, mixed with an instrumentally pleasing atmosphere of dimly lit sounds that showcase Gillian’s outstanding and calming vocals.

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