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Rainsford is a pop artist out of California and earlier this month the Los Angeles native released her new brooding, pop anthem ‘Somewhere Else‘, a song essentially about Rainsford’s experiences while dreaming on medication.

Expanding on the song’s inspiration, Rainsford explains how she “was taking a medication for a while that, unbeknownst to” her “at the time,” there were “side effect of causing really intense dreams and nightmares.”

“Dreams and the unconscious state of mind are really interesting to me,” Rainsford continues.

“The way we string these flashes of images together to tell ourselves a story is very revealing. “Somewhere Else” is a reflection of some of my medicated dreaming.”

Coming off the release of her EP ‘Emotional Support Animal‘, Somewhere Else is used as a platform for Rainsford to not only explore a dark, brooding world of nightmares, but also a landscape for the artist to expand on her strong vocal range and lyric wits.


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Instagram – Rainsford

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