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Kilo Kish is an artist out of Los Angeles, California and I just could not keep her music to myself. I actually don’t know much about Kilo Kash at all, other than she is from Los Angeles and she makes deep, electronic pop music, however, today I discovered Kilo Kish accidentally when I clicked on the ‘fans also like’ tab on Spotify while listening to an artist, and I am glad I did.

What I wanted to do with this post was share her music with you. The first song I came across from Kilo Kish was her single Elegance – which you can listen to below – it is my favourite single off her ‘mothe‘ EP, which came out earlier this year in September.

Maybe it is just my ignorance and Kilo Kish has actually been around for a while and is actually well known within the world of music, however, I just discovered Kilo Kish today and I thought it would be great to share her music with the world – or for those who have yet to hear her work. I hope you enjoy Kilo’s music as much as I currently do.

Diving further into her past, I came to realise Kilo Kish has been making music since 2012 – with the release of her first single ‘Navy‘. Additionally to Navy, Kilo has released two albums (Across and Reflections in Real Time), and reworks of her albums in the forms of a deluxe edition and remixes release.

I went deeper into Kilo Kish’s music and found a whole lot of music Kilo has released through her Soundcloud, with the releases of ‘Like Honey‘, ‘Sick‘, ‘Better‘, and ‘Julienne‘ peaking my interest a lot. Kilo’s diverse style is just great. Julienne is an example of a sociological mind-fuck of a song that not only showcases deep, and brooding electronic pop vibes, but the story within the song explores themes of drama, which works so well – I just had to share it, have a listen below.

Sometimes i just want to plug an artist I come across, that I also happen to enjoy a lot. Sometimes you just discover musicians for the first time that completely take you by surprise and blow you away with their work – I had the same feeling with the likes of Alison Wonderland, Elohim and VenessaMichaels – this is also the case with Kilo Kish. I am looking forward to hearing more from in 2019.


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