Benji Lewis explores being yourself in his new single “Ride”

Benji Lewis is an artist out of Melbourne and he makes music that is soothing, easy to listen to, touches on subjects that are about everyday life, makes music I enjoy, and is a good guy.

Today sees the release of his brand new single “Ride“, a song essentially about “being yourself” in everyday life. Going into detail about the single, Benji explains how Ride explores the themes of positivity in life.

“This song’s inspiration cameat a time when I started doing the things I wanted to do for myself, and what I feltwas right for my career.”

Having previously released “Us Again“, “Deep Blue” and “Never Mine” over the past couple of months, Melbourne’s Benji Lewis has returned with another offering that showcases more of his great skill as an artist and storyteller.

Touching on the inner-dialogue of the single, Benji adds how it is [Ride] “about lettings yourself relax. You’ll get to where you want to go in your own tine and in your own way.”

Ride is a great step in the right direction of what Benji is trying to say as a musician and storyteller, with so many more areas yet to explore.

* Press Photo by Christina Boemio

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