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I had the opportunity to first come across the Launceston-based two-piece Sumner when Chloe and Jack released their debut single “Pictures“, since then, Chloe and Jack have been making a name for themselves within the Australian music scene.

Having previously released their “All That I Am” EP earlier in 2018, playing a whole host of events, music conferences, winning Josh Pyke‘s Partnership Grant for 2018, and more, the electronic duo have returned with another slow burning vibe inducing alternative anthem that explores “the glass shattering moment you realise someone is not who you think they are”.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Chloe and Jack explains how Put It Out “is a song” they “started working on around 3 years ago.”

“We had it sitting on the computer in various stages of completion but once we wrote the chorus we couldn’t seem to get it out of our heads for months and we couldn’t help but finish writing it.”

“We remade the song in a few production sessions using Ableton and headphones, while travelling for Big Sound, and were fortunate enough to work with mix engineer John Castle and continue our relationship with fellow Tasmanian-based mastering engineer William Bowden from King Willy Sound,” the duo conclude.

Sumner have returned with another track that not only showcases their growing experience as an electronic duo, but also as storytellers with more stories to tell – sometimes three minutes and two seconds is just not enough time.

Put It Out is now out via digital streaming platforms.

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