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Matilda Eyre is a pop artist of the UK and recently the London native released her brand new single titled “The Calling“.

After having releases “FYA” back in June, the London-based German singer, songwriter and producer has returned with a single that essentially explores “dreams and forgotten truths” explains Matilda.

Going into detail about the single, Matilda explains how The Calling dives into the “way we distract ourselves, get wrapped up and abandon our hearts” while also touching on a “subtle wind, like an echo from far away, our dreams are calling.”

“That moment when we suddenly realize we’ve gone astray. The Calling is a reminder of all dreams forgotten and a call to step out of your shadows and into the light.”

One of the many things I like about this track is the use of dark, brooding electronic vibes mixed with Matilda’s own over-shadowing vocal range to create a finely tuned hypnotic trance throughout this four minute and three second anthem.

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