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Keeva is a London-based, half-Jordanian half-Irish artist and recently Keeva released two singles titled “The Kindest Thing” and “Pieces“.

Speaking on the creation of The Kindest Thing, Keeva explains how the origins of the single come about from a breakup, while lying on her bathroom floor.

After having discovered her partner cheated on her, Keeva explains how she “realised the kindest thing he ever did for” her “was to leave.”

“It’s a very reflective song and I feel pain and sadness for my past self who lived through that, as I’m sure many others can relate to.”

After having released her single “Whiskey” in 2017, Keeva has returned with another gem that explores more than just a heart-breaking track, Keeva mixed together a song that showcases her strong storytelling ability and her extroadinarly powerful vocal range throughout this triumphant four minute and 11 second track.

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