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Dominique Tey is a pop artist out of Sweden and a couple of days ago the Stockholm native released her new single “Let It Out“, a song all about finding comfort in a negative safe space, explains Dominique.

Going into detail about the single, Dominique explains how she “wrote this song when” she “was in a negative loop of thoughts and was trying to figure out why” she had “kept going back to that place.”

“I hated it but it was also a safe place, it was something romantic and bittersweet about it,” Dominique continues. “Sometimes it’s easier not facing your fears and emotions, to just fall into that bad space.”

“So this song became a process in facing those thoughts and feelings and by doing that I could own them and then let them go.”

Coming off the release of her yet-to-be-announced debut EP – due out for release sometime soon. Dominique has put together a solid and simple pop offering that is somewhat dark and brooding as the lyrics – and story – intertwine throughout the four minute offering.

I am looking forward to the release of Dominique’s debut EP as she still has so many other stories to be told through her lyrics and vibe. Stay tuned!

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