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Dylan Emmet is a pop artist out of New York and after having recently found out he had a two-year-old daughter he never knew about, Dylan started writing pop anthems that were used as a platform to showcase his feelings and journey through this tumultuous time in his live.

Today sees the release of Dylan’s new single ‘Always Been You‘, a song essentially about keeping feelings to yourself.

“I wrote the song about falling for someone and not knowing if you should tell them. Whether it’s a close friend, co-worker, or a long distance thing, it sucks to be in love with someone that you are not “supposed” to have feelings for.”

Going into further detail about the single, Dylan explains how “all you think about is telling them how you really feel,” even if “you know that you risk losing them completely if they don’t feel the same way.”

The “song is really a snapshot of” Dylan’s “mindframe as” he “realized how deep” his own “feelings went for this girl,” whom he still hasn’t told Dylan concludes.

The simplistic vocals, instrumentals and minimalistic production of the world Dylan has created offers more than just a pop and love song. Always Been You showcases an artist who still has a lot of stories to tell and a lot of sphere eat to explore.

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