Donatachi explores her own attitude about life in her new collaboration with Rromarin on ‘Precious Metal’

Precious Metal is the new single from Sydney-based pop artist Donatatchi and essentially the single is an ode to everything Donatachi loves about music.

Speaking on the creation of the her new single, featuring Rromarin, Donatachi explains how the single is “a reaction to a lot of the serious music” she “was hearing around.”

“My production has always come from a more playful perspective, it reflects my own attitude about life.”

“Having it in mind that this would be the lead on my first EP, I was thinking more & more about about my place in the world as an artist as well as what I would want to hear as a listener,” Donatachi continues.

Getting into the sweet aesthetics of Precious Metal, Donatachi adds how she “wanted to project the uplifting energy of 90’s trance” while also evoking “the sentiments of happy hardcore” and “the feeling of euphoria despite the chaos of of the beat.”

If you’re looking for a blend of pop, metal and 90s trance all rolled into one, then Donatachi’s Precious Metal is the song for you.

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