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Orchid is the new delightful single from Atlanta-based rock artist K Michelle DuBois.

Having previously given a taste of her third solo album Harness with Wild Weed over a month ago, K Michelle has returned with a sort of electro-rock offering that showcases what you can do when you first start singing to a plant.

Regarding that last statement, K Michelle explains how she originally got the idea for Orchid after singing to her plan she had for a year. K Michelle explains how the “lyrics to ‘Orchid’ are so literal,” and how she “had a potted orchid that suddenly, after a year, grew a long arm and seven new buds.” she “spoke and sang to the plant all the time and eventually gorgeous blooms emerged.”

“I was in awe and would say to it – see all that beauty inside you waiting to come out!”

K Michelle DuBois “wrote ‘Orchid’ during this time and, of course, it turned into a song to a lonely soul – a message to feel the multitudes inside you, a rare and glowing flower,” K Michelle concludes.

K Michelle DuBois’ Orchid offers a great mix of acoustic rock, soothing vocals and an interesting message all within 3 minutes.

K Michelle DuBois’ Harness is out October 12.

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