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Are you looking for a song that sounds big and has a smooth and old-centric atmosphere? Then Laura Jean Anderson‘s ‘Thinkin’ Bout You‘ is the song for you.

Speaking on the creation of her new single, Laura Jean explains how Thinkin’ Bout You “is about that moment after you leave a lover,” and how “when you realize you can’t talk to them about the hard times after being entangled with them for years.”

“So all you can do is think of them sweetly and plead that it’s ok with the universe cause it’s getting you through it.”

There is something interesting about Laura Jean’s music, specifically this song, the instrumentals and atmosphere of the single reminds me of those old-timey era Hollywood movies, where this single would fit perfect in as part of a soundtrack.

Thinkin’ Bout You is a taste of what’s to come off Laura Jean Anderson’s upcoming EP, due out October 12.

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