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Apparently Nashville has a pop scene and Brigetta is at the forefront of that change. Predominantly known as a city full of Country music and boot-scootin’ melodies, Brigetta has gone in a different direction with her music and has essentially smashed through the barrier of the music scene in Nashville and brought her own distinctive taste of “Americana” with her debut minimalistic pop-centric offering ‘Tic Tac Toe‘.

Speaking on her debut single, Brigetta explains how it is “exciting to start the process of something bigger” and how “being so enthralled by music at such an early age” has allowed her “to be more capable of expressing” her very own “emotions, and I hope I can encourage that in others,” Brigetta continues.

“I want to be an outlet for other people, just like my idols were for me.”

The rest of 2018 looks to be an interesting time for Brigetta, as she has a lot of time to explore more music choices and experiment with her own style until satisfied. However, at the moment, the current approach she has with her music seems sufficient enough. Stay tuned!

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