Norway’s AURORA explores falling in love in her new single “Forgotten Love”

It has been a while since I wrote about AURORA and the interesting music she creates. The last time was for her hugely successful and popular pop anthem “Queendom” back in May, which saw an incredible release and showcase of talent.

Today sees the release of a brand new single from the Norwegian pop artist, with the release of “Forgotten Love“, a song essentially about people “chose to fall in love with someone, a partner or even just the love you have for a friend,” AURORA continues to explain how “we know the risk it takes and how much it would hurt to lose this person, who we love so much.”

“But then once you do lose them, it’s about the feeling of letting go of that love, to not carry around the ghost of someone. And how freeing that can be.”

“Forgotten Love” is a fresh taste of what’s to come off a larger release from AURORA in 2018. Stay tuned!


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