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Canada’s FOXTROTT is currently embarking on something incredible, the artist out of Montreal, Quebec is currently in the process of releasing a trilogy of EPs, having already released the first EP ‘Meditations I‘ a couple of months ago – and the third album in the series ‘Meditations III‘ dropping in October – today sees the release of part two of Meditations, with ‘Meditations II‘, and the best thing about the release is it is only three songs, so it is easy to consume.

After having listened to the release, I have come to the conclusion that ‘For As Long’ is the best single on the EP, it is smooth, digitally pleasing and sounds beautiful.

Speaking on the creation on the three-part EP series, Foxtrott explains how her very first album “A Taller Us was one of upward growth, a bit like the unrolling of the spine,” and how she “started to write songs as a way to cope with anxiety about things” she “was going through as a young adult.”

“It was emotionally dense, and it turned out to be a very healing process. After that whole cycle of producing, releasing and touring A Taller Us, I found myself at a different, more peaceful place.”

Stay tuned for more music from FOXTROTT closer to the release of Meditations III, which completes the entire album in October.

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