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Ukiyo took the time out of his day to breakdown his new EP ‘Fantasy’, which is out now, featuring tracks like ‘Go (featuring Chymes)‘, ‘Drive’, ‘Life’ and ‘Clicky’, the Fremantle native has put together a solid EP that showcases more of those great vibes and strong storytelling elements that have made Ukiyo one of the best producers out of Australia.

See below for a breakdown of each track on the EP.

Ukiyo: “A fun little jam that came about super quickly summer last year. My songs have always got wacky little names when I start them and somehow this name stuck till the end. The synths were recorded live on my laptop keyboard and I liked the groove so I kept it exactly as I played it.”

Ukiyo: “An old demo I’ve had lying around since before I was even calling myself Ukiyo. I met FEELDS at a show in Melbourne and instantly knew it was a perfect match. Once I sent it to FEELDS it came about really quickly, we had a finished song in less than a week.”

Ukiyo: “I built the main melody by chopping up a recording I had of me playing saxophone and layered it with a flute sample I found online. I wanted to find a real medium between hip-hop and electronic. I’m usually a big advocate for “less is more” but I made a bit of an exception with this one, lots of subtle things going on.”

Ukiyo: “Probably one of the fastest songwriting processes I’ve ever had to date. Started it the morning of my second show and played it out that night. The reaction was so much better than I’d hoped, I’ve been so excited to get it out ever since. Low-key see this track as Kaleidoscope part 2.”

Ukiyo: “Arguably the most chill track on the EP. Features the old upright piano I learnt on as a kid and an insane amount of atmospheric sounds and recordings I’ve taken on my phone. I think it’s the perfect link between “Life” & “Go” and a nice little throwback to some of the sounds in my first EP.”

Ukiyo: “This one came about on my flight home from Melbourne, super inspired by my time there and the people I met (*cough* *cough* go check out Kendl). Some of my favourite songs follow a similar form with a bit of a build to an epic finale kind of thing, I’d been looking for an idea that’d work that way for a while. Check out the music video on YouTube if you’ve got a spare moment.”

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