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Today I had the pleasure of chatting to Dan Haggis of the iconic British rock band, The Wombats. Having been creating music since 2003, and mostly recently releasing their fourth studio album “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life“, Dan Haggis from The Wombats joins me on the phone to chat about the legacy of The Wombats, keeping their music fresh, still enjoying touring after all these years and much more.

It’s hard for me to justify putting together a solid introduction into who exactly The Wombats are, because they are been around for the better part of 15 years, having previously released classic smash-hits like “Let’s Dance To Joy Division“, “Moving To New York” and recent hits “Cheetah Tongue“, “Turn”, and many others off their new album.

Speaking on the creation of the new album, Dan explains how “as with all albums you end up with a few moments of, like, stress and banging your head against the wall.”

“I think, like, especially the recording side in London – it was great, we kind of new; we spoke about it before we had an idea how we wanted to do it [Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life].”

The album played such a big part in the lives of Dan, Todd and Matthew as generally it is difficult to describe their music in a few words, “it feels like sometimes within songs we always have so many different references and thoughts of how things relate to whats in our lives.”

The band’s overall sound didn’t change, but they did try to “reduce the use of synths” compared to their previous work, explains Dan.

“Just trying to keep each song fresh and different as possible [on the new album]”

2018 looks to be another big year as the group are essentially on tour throughout the rest of the year and leading up until Christmas, which shows in the UK, “Lollapalooza in Chicago,” European and UK festivals, “another US tour in October” and then eventually “come back to Australia in November” for a couple of festivals, and to cap it off, The Wombats will be playing a gig in New Zealand for the first time.


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