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Kat Cunning is a pop artist out of New Year City and recently the Brooklyn-based artist released her new single “Stay on the Line“, which is essentially about “phone sex,” or as Kat explains it, it is “more about connection and people finding each other – poetry and beauty.”

“Romanticizing of the land line – My message is always about inclusion, people being themselves, and celebrating who they are.”

Coming off the release of her previous single “Make U Say“, a couple of months ago, the artist out of Brooklyn, New York has returned with a finely tuned anthem that not only explores an interesting subject matter through the use of a sexual undertone, but also showcases why Kat is one of the most interesting artists in the world of Pop as she has created this instrumentally pleasing anthem that has a great brooding atmosphere and world of sound with the use of her overshadowing voice.

Stay tuned as more music is to come as Kat moves ever so closer to the release of her debut EP in the summer.

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