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David Rojas is an artist out of Sweden and recently the Gothenburg native released his new single “Waterfalls“, a song essentially perfect for those drives during the sunset.

Speaking on the creation of Waterfalls, David explains how he remembers a time when he was “driving on the highway on” his “way to the studio: the sun was setting”, and he “just couldn’t find the perfect song to listen to at that moment that sounded how the sky looked.”

“I got to the studio and made the instrumental with that in my mind,” David continues.

“Later, we got the idea of putting some male vocals on it and found Sixten – he came to the studio, we wrote the lyrics and recorded it all the same day.”

One of the many good aspects of David Rojas’ Waterfalls is not only the collaboration between fellow artist Sixten, but it is also the use of watery, sunset electronic vibes and atmospheric vocals to great such an intensely pleasing world of music.

2018 looks to be an interesting year for the Swedish artist as more music will be on the way soon.

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