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It has been over two years since one of my favourite duos HOLYCHILD released a piece of music. That draught came to an end today with the release of their brand new single “Wishing You Away“.

Wishing You Way is different – the new single features recurring vocals and a more distorted range of instrumentals – to what Liz and Louie have previously released within their highly energetic brat-pop album “The Shape of Brat Pop To Come” – which featured some of the best neo-pop anthems “Happy With Me“, “Tell Me How It Is“, “Running Behind“, “Money All Around” “U Make Me Sick” and many others – back in 2015.

HOLYCHILD have been quietly working on new music since 2015, working hard on what’s to come, with the release of their new single Wishing You Away, Liz and Louie have come back with a slightly new sound, mixed with an alternative edge to their range of talent.

Speaking on the creation of the new single, Liz explains how there is “so much I could say here. How time has treated us and what we have learned and what has been put into the music, but I want the song to speak for itself.”

“There will be plenty of time for questions. For now let’s just listen.”

I am glad HOLYCHILD are back and I am hoping this is the first single of many leading up to a new record release from the California natives, as HOLYCHILD are an incredible act and one of my personal favourite music makers.

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