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Reija Lee is an artist I first discovered when the Perth native provided vocals for Shockone‘s “A Dark Machine” back in October 2017, since then, Reija has been working alongside some heavyweights within the world of music, however, Reija has now stepped out on her own.

Today sees the release of Reija Lee’s debut 80s synth-pop inspired vocal anthem “Love Nobody“, a song that is essentially a self-loving anthem, explains Reija.

“I’ve written a lot of songs, and a lot of love songs at that, but never one for myself. For everyone who needs a bit of self-love, this one’s for you. (And me).”

Going into detail about the creation of her neon-centric, futuristic synth anthem, Reija explains how she worked with Styalz Fuego (Illy, Peking Duk, The Knocks, Seth Sentry) on the project; as working with “Styalz was like sitting down in the studio with an old friend even though you’ve never met,” Reija expresses.

“You’re both on the exact same wave length, and your individual ideas gel to form one little slice of magic. That’s the only way I can describe the day we wrote Love Nobody.”

Reija is an incredible talent and her expertise as a songwriter and producer shines bright through this deep, slow-burning synth anthem that showcases more of what she has to offer the world of music as an artist.

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