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FYA” – For Your Approval” – is the beautifully haunting debut single by Dortmund’s Matilda Eyre, and it is essentially an intimate eerie offering about “self-worth,” explains the German native.

“Short for ‘For Your Approval’, it’s an intimate story about childhood and the stories we make up about ourselves early on.”

Going into detail about her debut single, Matilda continues with how “FYA” is about coming into “this life fierce, wild and carefree,” and how we as people “are being shaped by our surroundings until we lose ourselves and start looking for external validation.”

“FYA is an ode to your inner joy and ferocity,” Matilda concludes.

If Matilda continues to make music that showcases some more of this delicious mix of slow-burning vibes and haunting pop anthem vocals and stories, it will be hard to see why people wouldn’t want to come back for seconds!

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