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J.F.K. are a garage rock band out of Perth and today sees the release of their self-proclaimed “fast paced, energetic banger” ‘Feel It Again‘; a single essentially all about reflecting on relationships.

“It’s about wondering if you’ll still feel the same about the person when everything goes wrong.”

Calling this single a simple fast paced, energetic banger is an understatement. Feel It Again offers a lot more, as the dialogue is topical and keeps to the relevant topic of the single and some of the best work in the single is not the lyrics itself, it’s the instrumentals and aesthetics; the gritty vocals, fast energetic drum beats and guitar riffs from the five-piece, makes this an enjoyable experience within its nearly three minute timespan.


June 16th | RTR FM Winter Music Festival | Fremantle
July 5th | Hidden Treasures | Fremantle
August 31st | Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar | Melbourne
September 1st | Botany View Hotel | Sydney

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