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‘GOT IT’ is the new single from pop duo SIIGHTS. Coming out of Ireland, Los Angeles and the U.K., SIIGHTS is the partnership between Mia Fitz (Songwriter / Producer / Multi-Instrumentalist / Vocalist) from Ireland and Toni Etherson (Songwriter / Vocalist / Musician) from Scotland.

Coming off the release of their smash hit single ‘Nobody Like U‘ in 2017, Mia and Toni have returned with a bouncy, pop filled exploration of sound with a story essentially about “exploring self-expression and body confidence,” explains the duo.

“We just wanted to write a song that celebrates that, something that encourages people to smile and embrace their whole self, ‘You got it so .. flaunt it.’”

“It’s about having the confidence to be yourself and to own and celebrate your unique qualities,” the duo explain.

One of the best things about this new single from Siights is their feel good, happy-go-lucky vibe and bouncy, Bruno Mars-esq funk-pop atmosphere. I would like to hear more music from Mia and Toni soon.

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