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Purple & Green” is the new single from Sydney four-piece Hurst and it is essentially a single where the band wants you to “project whatever deep emotions and thoughts are percolating in you”, explains front woman Ana.

Coming off the release of their hit single “Rattle Kids” four months ago and preceding singles – including Eat This Music favourite “All My Friends (Are Liars)” – Ana, Ben, Jake and Nick have returned with a song full of quick-witted dialogue, gritty bedroom rock vibes, and a story that is essentially left up to interpretation by the listener themselves.

Speaking on the creation of Purple and Green, Ana explains how she is one of the “first out there to hide” her very own “problems and struggles with mental health,” and how “there’s this war between my heart and head over how I should live my life.”

“The older I get, the more I understand that saving face is unsustainable. Fact is, I’m vulnerable, I’m an unfinished work and just because things don’t line up or make sense, doesn’t mean they never will.”

Continuing on with the notion of health, Ana express how she hopes “this song can mean something to you as it does to me,” and hopes “it can help you project whatever deep emotions and thoughts are percolating in you. I hope it can open doors to be more of who you really are.”

Today also sees the announcement of the band’s second EP, “Sad Face“, scheduled for independent release on 29th June. Stay tuned for more releases closer to the release date.

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