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Today is a good day for dans of Melbourne-based artist Aeora, as not only has the 23-year-old Victorian announced the release of her debut ‘Let Loose’ EP – coming out this July – today also sees the release of a fresh taste of the EP with ‘Party All Night‘.

Coming off the release of three hugely successful singles, ‘Boss-y‘, ‘Fenceline‘ and ‘Need You‘, Aeora has returned with Party All Night, a banger of immersive, drawn out atmospheric vibes that transcend Aeora’s own omnipotent vocal range.

With four other songs to come off the EP, Aeora explains how she has prepared “a collection of songs that all resemble a period of time” in her life.

“I started to deal with some issues that surrounded me in a really positive way. I started to push for the truth and push for what I really wanted from certain people in my life.”

Speaking on the emotional tone of the EP, Aeora hinted at how much of her own personal emotion went into the EP, adding how the “songs are hugely confrontational and more truthful than I have ever been, which I think has also been hugely empowering for me.”

Going into the aesthetics of the single, Aeora expresses how she “had more thoughts on how this music isn’t exclusively for” her very “own emotional release anymore.”

“I used to write out of the selfishness of just needing to release some emotions but for these songs, I really considered what I wanted listeners to feel.”

“I didn’t want them to feel sad or angry about certain things anymore; I want people to feel like having fun and to feel confident in themselves and the people around them,” Aeora concludes.

I had the opportunity to interview Aeora back in 2017 when Aeora released Fenceline, have a listen below. 2018 looks to be a big year for one of my favourite personal Australian artists.

Listen to my interview with Aeora from 2nd August 2017:

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