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Hanne Leland is a Norwegian-via-London pop artist and today sees the release of her new single ‘Stay’, a song about exploring the intense fear of losing a loved one.

Coming off the release of Carry On back in February, Hanne Leland has returned with another solid banger that mixes Hanne’s trademark electro-pop vibes with a mix of dark-country melodies and sounds.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Hanne explains how she “wrote “Stay” on” her own “piano at home last year.”

“I brought it to a couple of different producers, but none of them were catching the vibe I wanted for the production, until I presented it to Jim (Eliot), and he started working his magic on it.”

Going in a more simplistic direction compared to the pop-ness of Carry On, Hanne explains how “the recording process was really emotional as the song is very personal to me, and I feel like you can really hear the raw emotion coming through in the song.”

The rest of 2018 looks to be a great time for Hanne with more music on the way. Stay tuned.

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