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Karolina Rose is a pop artist out of Brooklyn and today sees the release of the New York native’s new single ‘Goodnight, Mr. Moon‘, a song essentially used as a platform for Karolina to explore the story of grief through dreams.

“There were a few inspirations for the song,” explains Karolina. With the initial idea of the single coming from “a conversation with my friend & visual artist, Heide Hatry, who occasionally runs some artist showcase nights in conjunction with her work.”

“She asked me if I could write a song about death and perform it at her showcase (which I did at the end of last year).”

The project of Heidi Hatry is titled ‘Icons in Ash’, and it “started with her dealing with the loss of her father,” with Heidi now being “commissioned to make portraits of clients’ deceased husbands, wives, sisters and even pets.”

Heidi’s project can be found here:

Going into details about the creation of the single, Karolina explains how the very “first verse of the song takes inspiration from one of my nightmares where” she “woke up and it literally looked as if the moon was projecting a spotlight onto my wall and it looked like a scene was playing out.”

“I started coming up with the visualization of someone hallucinating in the middle of the night, bringing back their loved one by talking to the moon, and so the loved one becomes “Mr. Moon”.”

Coming off the release of her 2017 single Move With Me, Karolina returns to fine form with this new big, sounding atmospheric track full of synth waves, god-like vocal range, and a strong story that is not touched on as much as it should be.

While Karolina is working on her second EP at the moment, Karolina assures Eat This Music that the second EP is still in the early stages and won’t be ready for a while.

“We have some preproduction work done. All I can say is I have a lot of ideas and I am very excited about it,” Karolina explains.

“I’ve learned to play piano in the past year, which I absolutely love. I love being able to switch now between guitar and piano during my compositions.”

2018 looks to be a big year for Karolina, as when Karolina isn’t volunteering her services for Musicians On Call in New York City, Karolina is planning on getting on stage with her band “later this year when the rest of the record is out.”

You can learn more about Karolina by heading over to her website.

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