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Fan Girl are a six-piece out of Melbourne, Australia and recently Noah, Vincent, Luke, Dominic, Krish and Jack released their debut album ‘Elephant Room‘, a 10-track album full of different vibes.

Fan Girl’s record was made over various locations, with Noah in Korea and the rest of the band in Melbourne during the process.

“They didn’t have a singer or anyone to write vocals or lyrics for it,” explains Noah.

It was a few months before the rest of the band contacted Noah to help create the record. As Noah explains, “we weren’t friends, and didn’t know each other that well.”

“It kind of just clicked. We actually wrote the album pretty quickly.”

While the creation of the album came quickly, the actual representation and promotion of the album was a different story, as Noah explains, the band were just looking for the right person [team] to work with.

“Didn’t want to it ourselves,” Noah explains. “We’ve been in a lot of bands where we released EPs before and, you know, put all this work into it and then put it out and nothing happens,” Noah expresses.

To coincide with looking for a label, Noah explains how the band did somewhat have a criteria: they didn’t want to sell the master records, “we wanted to own everything”; find someone that worked more as a distribution deal, and they also want to “sign to someone too big,” as the band felt they would be loss in the shuffle of a major publisher.

“Kind of a bizarre thing, being across the world and getting these emails from guys back in Melbourne saying, “Hey, we’ve got there songs, do you wanna write lyrics to them?””

With Fan Girl’s Elephant Room out now, the band have a big 2018 to look forward to with more gigs to come and more music to be made… eventually. Have a listen to Elephant Room below.

* Photo credit: Julia Lay

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