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Maribelle is a pop artist out of Victoria and today sees the release of the Melbourne-based artists new single ‘I’m A Mess With You‘; a song essentially about Maribelle coming to terms with her own sexuality.

Maribelle explains how the single “is very personal” for her, adding, “It’s about me reflecting on being confused about having feelings for a girl for the first time.”

Continuing in with the story of the single, “Maribelle explains how she “was hiding feelings for somebody, and hurting them because” she “wasn’t being honest with herself.”

“It’s actually about my current girlfriend and the early stages of our relationship. I was out in the club one night and had a ‘Days Of Our Lives’ montage of all of our memories together, and just realised what a mess I was being.”

Coming off the release of Maribelle’s Overtake EP in 2016, the Melbourne artist has returned with another different pop, electronic and glitchy vibes that make I’m A Mess With You an enjoyable song with Maribelle’s recurring lyrics adding to the overall enjoyment of sounds within this three minute and 13 second single.

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