Here is a list of new music and videos from today that I have enjoyed; internationally and from Australia. Click on the band/artist name to enjoy a taste of their new tracks!

Single releases

Aletro - Bubblebeam
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Plutonic Lab - Blind Eyes/Give It Up (feat. Natalie Slade & Raiza Biza)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Pacing The Cage - Thrill Pill
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Zak Abel - Love Song
London, England

Album releases

Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations
Los Angeles, California

Video releases

Jedidiah - Crowd
Nashville, Tennessee

Trill - Bally On
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Albert Hammond Jr - Set To Attack
New York City

Moonlover - Lazy Daisy
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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