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21&19 is the new single from Melbourne musician, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer Darren Hart, aka HARTS.

Speaking on the creation of his new alternative pop filled anthem, Harts explains how “21&19 is a song written about regret and self awareness.”

Taking inspiration from “a bad memory or time period in your life that you want to let go,” Harts recalls a time when he hadn’t “complete the song,” and “not knowing where to take it or what to make of it.”

“I revisited the track last year and completed the lyrics. Because of that, I feel It’s a cool mix of old school Harts and the new direction. I’m stoked with how the song come out.”

Having already given fans a taste of his new material with the release of Ain’t Nothing On Me, Harts continues showcasing more of his new music and the new direction he is taking himself in as an artist.

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Saturday June 9 – Sea ’n’ Sound Festival – Sunshine Coast, QLD

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