Interview: Ash Kerley from Marville on their second LP ‘Terra Alpha’

Marville are a drum-and-guitar duo from Brisbane, Australia – formed by Ash and Doug – and today sees the release of their second album ‘Terra Alpha‘, an album that took the duo on “a long road” of musical exploration, explains Ash.

Having formed Marville as a solo project by Ash a couple of years ago, the origins of the band begins with the fact Ash made a fake name to secure gigs due to the fact she found it hard to lands gigs as a solo woman artist.

“I came up with a fake band name to make it easier to book shows, because at that stage people were quite reluctant to book a solo female musician who didn’t play acoustic covers [laughs].”

“I’ve played in bands before, but for this project I think there’s something special about it being distilled and stripped back as possible,” Ash continues.

Having recorded the album “two years ago” in Melbourne, Ash and Doug wanted to put together an album that they “could get done quickly, [laughs]” Ash states.

Speaking on why the duo wanted to release the album quickly, Ash explains how she “kind of wanted to capture a bit of that kind of new enthusiasm.”

“‘Cause I’ve been playing the songs for so many years – at shows and whatnot – there’s kind of a desire to put them out so that I can move onto other things.”

“I think quite practically about it; I sort of go “well, what’s the point in writing a bunch of new stuff if I can’t play it for another year?” Ash continues.

Going into detail about creating the album, Ash explains how even though she “had a lot of the stuff written down for a while,” she and Doug “went down to Melbourne to record the album” with Joe Hammond (who previously worked with Courtney Barnett, Tim Rogers and Jen Cloher), who has a “studio space he shared with some other studios.”

Ash and Doug finally got to the studio in Melbourne and when they “arrived,” they “discovered that there were other people in the studio during the day, so for the time” they were there, they “were going to be doing night [recordings]”, which according to Ash ended up “being pretty good,” as they would start recording at 8PM and work through till 5AM.

“Doug and I prefer to be awake and doing things at all sorts of strange hours, but also meant we could do lots of fun things like putting guitar amps in stairwells and recording lots of strange noises that made their way onto the album in one way or another.”

Speaking on the story of Terra Alpha, Ash expressed how she “kept coming back to image of a storm at the end of a really hot day.”

Clarifying her meaning, Ash continues with how “the whole day would be prohibitively hot and humid and just disgusting and [laughs] it’s kind of building all day, and then it kind of happens really quickly; like the sky just kind of turns like a really dark Purple colour or Green or something, and then the winds kind of changes direction and then all of a sudden it just pisses down violently for ten minutes and then it’s all gone and everything kind of feels kind of new and fresh and Green again.”

To celebrate the release of the album, Marville are heading out on the road for an East Coast launch tour from Friday 20 April in Brisbane at The Bearded Lady til Thursday 10 May in Melbourne at The Old Bar with stop offs in Sydney (5 May) and Wollongong (6 May).

MARVILLE – Terra Alpha LP
East Coast Launch Tour

FRI 20 APR – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
SAT 5 MAY – The Forresters, Sydney
SUN 6 MAY – The Servo, Wollongong
THU 10 MAY – The Old Bar, Melbourne


Expressing her joy for the forthcoming gigs, Ash explains how she “loves playing shows,” and how “really excited” she is to “head down the coast with some merch to give the songs to people.”

Marville’s Terra Alpha is now out via digital streaming platforms.


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