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Bombs Away’s Let You Down is now available via digital streaming platforms here.

Bombs Away are a duo out of Queensland and today, Sketch and Tommy Shades have given fans a much anticipated taste of their forthcoming album ‘Fragments‘, with the new pop-filled, bouncy offering ‘Let You Down‘.

Let You Down isn’t a song with a solid meaning, as the duo explain, Bombs Away “write songs that speak to experiences we’ve all had without being too obvious,” adding how one of their favourite “things is hearing back from people once our songs are out and on TV/radio,” letting Sketch and Tommy “know they’ve helped get through some tough times and see the bright side.”

“Its a piece of work we’re really proud to finally set free, it was one of those songs that just “work” and feel so right when they’re coming together.”

Working in collaboration with Sunset City’s frontman Parker Rose on the track, the duo explain how the collaboration came about and how much of “an enjoyable process” Let You Down was. The duo express how working with “Parker Rose from Sunset City was super easy to work with and amazingly talented,” the added bonus of “both being from the gold coast made catching up to write and record the track actually quite straight forward logistics wise which is unusual [laughs].”

The process of the single started off a little bit different as Parker Rose had “actually had started writing it before we began recording,” explains the duo; “and then we wrote the music and chords to complement his amazing voice.”

With this being the second taste of what’s to come off Bombs Away’s forthcoming album, Sketch and Tommy expressed to me how it feels “great to really see it coming along well,” while everything is written and recorded for the rest of the album,” now it is the waiting game, as “its all being mastered and put together into the final version!”

The duo are hoping listeners will take away some sort of “journey that allows a bit of time for introspection” from listening to the album.

“We spent so much time writing and living with these songs so they feel like they’re part of us now, but its not all vocal tracks either, theres interudes and instrumentals in there as well.”

Going into details about the album, Sketch and Tommy explain how “FRAGMENTS was written over a few years with the goal to really resonate with people at different stages in their life,” with “a track that someone going through a tough time relates to may be a different one to the one someone who’s just got a new partner may love, so the album is definitely a journey but its not linear,” adding to the inner-levels of the album, Fragments is much more than just an album with songs on it, “its more like real life with its up and downs, it takes FRAGMENTS from different parts of everyday life.”

“We see the entire album as a single piece of work rather than a collection of individual songs, the physical CD release actually has 5 more songs that we kept off the digital release because we think they need to be heard together.”

2018 looks to be a big year for Bombs Away as the duo claim “this year is all about touring the album around Australia then Canada and the USA,” explaining how “one of the best parts of doing what we do is actually being there and seeing people respond to our work in real life!”

Bombs Away’s Let You Down is now available via digital streaming platforms here.

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