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Seryna Jayne is a pop artist out of Sydney and recently Seryna Jayne released her new single ‘Daniel‘, a song essentially about exploring a love story gone to pieces.

Speaking on the creation of Seryna Jayne’s second single, Daniel, Seryna Jayne explained to me about how Daniel came about, explaining the idea for the single came “after a pretty, messy [laughs] ending to a thing – I wouldn’t even call it a relationship – it was definitely just a thing [laughs].”

“[it] left me in an emotional state where I just questioned a lot of things; of who I was and I guess for me like writing music has always been really therapeutic and almost necessary to be able to process different things I go through,” Seryna Jayne continues.

“I tried boxing for a little while, but I didn’t really like being hit at… that wasn’t [laughs] the best [laughs] therapy for it, so yeah, song writing has always, always been what’s gotten me through things in life.”

Seryna Jayne has been writing music for the past 12 years, however, the Sydney-based artist has only recently started releasing her own music, Seryna Jayne explains how releasing music is “always something” she has wanted to do, “I always wrote music because I wanted to share it.”

“I always hoped that my songs would have some sort of impact on whoever listened to them. But at the same time, I think I had to grow up a while lot first.”

Coming off the release of Haunt Me late last year, Seryna Jayne has returned with another deep – while not as dark and production-heavy as Haunt Me – acoustic offering that gives Seryna Jayne a whole lot of time to showcase her great vocal range, story telling and acoustic guitar ability as a storyteller and songwriter.

*caution lyrics*

2018 looks to be a big year for the Sydneysider as Seryna Jayne has her debut EP ‘August Calling’ coming out in May. The EP will feature a total of four tracks – including Haunt Me and Daniel, with two yet to be released singles that explores more stories of self discovery.

Speaking on the creation of the EP, Seryna Jayne explains how she is “really enjoying the process” of creating the EP, and how “really excited” she is to “create new sounds, work with different people, and I guess just expand this musical world that I have kept myself in a bubble with for so long.”

“I’ve got two other tracks in the EP, one’s called ‘Baby I Was Wrong’, the other one is called ‘Captive’ and this EP for me is really looking at different sounds in music.”

Using August Calling as a platform for Seryna Jayne to test her own music ambitions, Seryna Jayne explains how “had these ideas in” her head of wanting “big band sounds,” however it is not exactly where she wanted to take her music.

“It’s definitely a process and a journey and part of it for me has been learning not to be a perfectionist [laughs] and to just – something is better than nothing at the end of the day.”

Seryna concludes, “it’s been a cool journey, both the exposure side of things, but for me personally.”

Seryna’s Jane’s new single Daniel is now out via digital streaming platforms.

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