Marty from Maverick on their new EP ‘State of Mind’, creating music, and more

State of Mind is the debut EP from Sydney hardcore punskters Maverick and it features six tracks full of heavy, fast, impactful messages expressing how much Maverick really do not give a fuck what you think of them.

I had the opportunity to have a chat with Marty from Maverick about the EP. Speaking on the EP, Marty explained to me how much went into it, “it was about six months of preparing the release, and yeah, it feels great – I mean, we put in, I guess, a lot of ground work to get it to release platform.”

“I think the good part comes in now where we get to have a lot of fun, like right now we are playing the EP.”

Going into detail about the work of the EP, Marty expressed how writing was not really hard, however, a lot of pre-production went into the creation of the EP, “we worked tirelessly to make sure it was as good as we could do it at the time.”

After all those months of hard work on the record, Marty expressed joy, finally getting to hold a physical copy of the EP meant so much to him. Marty explains, “for a few years now – all I wanted was to be able to have that piece of work in hand – to finally get it was very much a kind of really happy moment.”

Maverick’s State of Mind EP features eight tracks, eight really good tracks, full of different sounds, meanings, stories and more. Marty emphasises the importance of that, “I guess from a more outside perspective, I wanted a more body of work as a whole to really kind of talk to each other in a certain way.”

I’m not going to waste your time – or space on this page – writing words that sound like nonsense. The only thing I am going to say is that Maverick have put together a solid six-track EP that showcases why Maverick are a great new band to have in your ears and see live if given the chance, with standout tracks like Resolve and Longevity showcasing who Maverick are as a band, the five-piece also have singles like Crimson Kings, Apologies and their self-titled track storming to the front of what modern hardcore punk music should be.

2018 looks to be a big year for the Sydney band as they have gigs coming up, “a big announcement to make on Sunday”. Maverick are Marty, Jordan, Jack, Corey and Mitch and their State of Mind EP is out now.


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