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Death Team are an electro-pop-rap duo duo from Sweden, with hit singles like Messed Up, Gold, Fucking Bitches in the Hood, it is easy to see why Death Team were on of the most underrated acts out of 2017.

Today sees the release of one-half of Death Team duo, Mayka‘s first solo single, ‘Rich‘, a song that was essentially originally about a relationship scenario, “I pictured hanging with someone who’s just showing off, bragging and being fake,” MAYKA explains prior to realising the song’s story was more different than that.

“But lately the song feels more like a message from my subconscious to myself – that I’m the one who should stop aiming for superficial goals like money and success.”

Coming to a logical conclusion, MAYKA expresses how it is much more about being “real and authentic, focusing on the joy of living, sharing and creating instead of chasing highs and trying to be something you’re not.”

Taking what she learnt as part of Death Team, Mayka has put together a solid entry into the world of music that showcases her as an intriguing storyteller and a music maker as Mayka has put together a solid mix of electronic-pop beats, intertwined with high vocal work and worldly filters.

2018 looks to be a big year for Mayka Edd as she starts creating and sharing more solo work away from Death Team.

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