Nina Nesbitt, Sasha Sloan and Charlotte Lawrence have come together to put out the first ever multi-artist Spotify single as part of the Spotify ‘Louder Together’ initiative that sees artists working together to collaborate on an original Spotify Singles song in the spirit of community, empowerment and inspiration.

The first single is titled ‘Psychopath‘, and it is a pop-filled single that sees the three artist lead charge in this single about the complications of being in love and some of the consequences of a relationship gone wrong.

Speaking on the collaboration, Nina explains how “It’s such an honour to be part of Spotify’s first ever singles collaboration, especially being the only UK artist.”

“It was great to work with fellow independent female artists Sasha Sloan and Charlotte Lawrence. I can’t wait for people to hear the song we have written!”

2018 looks to be a big year for these three artists and the Spotify Louder Together initiative. Expect more collaborations to be released soon.

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