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Today sees the release of E^ST‘s new single ‘Blowjob‘, and while the connotation of the name may imply sexual conduct, the actual story of the song has nothing of the sorts in it.

Coming of the release of Life Goes On, Blowjob sees E^ST explore “hoping for different outcomes” between two people, explains E^ST.

“This song was written about two people getting themselves into the same situation for very different reasons.”

“It’s about how we use each other in our own ways, and how that can leave us feeling isolated”, E^ST continues.

Compared to Life Goes On, Blowjob sees E^ST go in a light-hearted direction with the slow-burning vibes and vocal heavy offering that showcases the added story of “unrealistic expectations.”

“It’s about going after what we want in all the wrong ways. It’s about being lonely.”

2018 looks to be a big year for E^ST with more new music to come.

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